jack radish (jackrad) wrote in michigangayboys,
jack radish

"new" to Michigan

I'm Jack, i grew up in Michigan, but moved away when I was 18. 

Been living in Portland, Oregon for awhile, but i just moved back about a week ago.  My family is here and i still have a couple friends here and there, but mostly I am looking to establish myself in the community, make new friends etc.

A little about me, I'm FTM, queer/bi/pansexual//whatever-- i'm mostly into dating guys but i've dated and been in relationships with everyone.  Just getting out of a serious long-term relationship and trying to rebuild my life, sort of starting over from scratch.  I'm applying to grad school and want to teach High School English.

I am progressive in my politics, i love to read, I have a cat and a dog who are both super sweet. Staying in metro Detroit area right now, but will be moving to SW Detroit in late January.

I don't drink.  i don't mind being around alcohol/going to bars, but love to do stuff that's not centered around alcohol too (which can be kinda hard to come by in gay/queer communities).  i do enjoy going out dancing and going to karaoke though, so it's not like i'm totally opposed to hanging out in bars.

Anyway, just looking to get to know some cool people in the area and find some interesting things (queer and non-queer centered stuff) in the area to get involved in.

anyway, so send me an email at jackson.benjamin.robinson@gmail.com if you might be into hanging out or if you know of anything cool going on i might be into.

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